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Check this page, or the News and Announcements box on the homepage, for the latest official news and announcements released by the court. You can also access archived news and announcements from this page.

August 12, 2016
In 2016, the Judicial Conference Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure approved publication of proposed amendments to the following rules and forms for a comment period from August 12, 2016 through February 15, 2017. Civil Rules 5, 23, 62...
August 9, 2016
In an effort to better assist members of the bar, the maximum file size allowed by the Court’s Electronic Case Filing system has been increased from 10 MB to 35 MB per upload.  The increase in file size will save counsel of record and their staff...
July 26, 2016
On July 18, 2016, in a case originating from the Texas Western District, Sudduth v. Texas Health and Human Services Commission,___ F.3d ___, 2016 WL 3900647 (5th Cir. July 18, 2016), the Fifth Circuit held that a notice of appeal filed through the...
July 26, 2016
During 2016, the Louisiana Eastern District Court has transitioned from Corel WordPerfect to Microsoft Word as its standard word processing program. We have taken this step due to the predominant use of Microsoft Word in the U.S. Courts, the legal...
July 20, 2016
After a party files a notice of appeal, the Clerk’s Office for the Eastern District of Louisiana will file trial and evidentiary hearing exhibits in the court’s electronic case filing system (CM/ECF) so that they can become part of the Electronic...
May 6, 2016
The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana is pleased to announce the selection of Janis van Meerveld as Magistrate Judge for the District subject to completion of a standard background check. Full Page View
February 5, 2016
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February 1, 2016
The Court intends to appoint a Magistrate Judge to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of Magistrate Judge Sally Shushan, effective July 30, 2016.   Full Page View